Posted by: Arnie Suryo | 15 November 2012

Eyeliner Ideas To Add Glamour


Good afternoon PACers, this time we gonnaa share some tips to Eyeliner Ideas To Add Glamour

Eyeliner styles that are fun to do are sometimes reminiscent of old Hollywood. This one is a clean eyeliner style that works great for classic fash
ion looks. The focus is on the top lid only. It’s typically done on a nude eyelid or one that is made up to appear that way. If you are wearing eyeshadow make sure that it is in the natural eyeshadow color range.

1. Begin at the inner corner of your eye and when you move the brush to the outer corner move the line up.

2. The line should extend past the outer corner and be an exaggerated line which flips upwards.

3.Then make a second line over the first one to add thickness.

source: PAC Martha Tilaar


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