Posted by: Arnie Suryo | 20 December 2012

Riasan Mata Natural Menawan

121220A PAC Martha Tilaar

It can be a challenge trying to do natural eye makeup, due to the fact that the wrong eye shadow or mascara can take you from demure to dramatic in an instant.

The first thing you want to do is apply eyeliner, but remember to keep it to a minimum. Do not draw thick lines and keep the liner as close to your lash line as possible. The goal is to define your eyes without drawing too much attention to them. For a more natural eye makeup look, use dark brown liner instead of black.

Hint: lip balm is a great way to enhance your natural look. Due to its creamy and sheer consistency, lip balm can give your lip color without looking too dark.

Next comes the eye shadow application. To maintain a natural eye makeup look, choose neutral-looking colors like beige, taupe, or a light peach shimmer. You can mix and match a light, medium and darker color as well, but be sure to apply the lightest color from your eyelashes to your brows, following up with the darkest color on the crease.

Then apply the medium color from your lashes to the crease on the outside half of your upper eyelid and blend together. Finish off your look with brown mascara.

sumber: PAC Martha Tilaar


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